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Gamma Strength

Gamma Strength

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Step into the cosmos with the Gamma Strength eyeshadow palette, your ultimate accessory for creating stunning, interstellar looks. With a constellation of 21 richly pigmented shades, this palette takes you on a journey through the depths of space with its cosmic array of colors. From the deep mystery of matte purples to the sparkling allure of glittery greens and the warm glow of celestial shimmers, each color is inspired by the boundless beauty of the galaxy.

The velvety textures glide on with seamless blendability, allowing you to craft looks as subtle or as bold as the universe itself. Whether you're aiming for a daring nebula-inspired smoky eye or a subtle sweep of stardust, Gamma Strength offers unparalleled versatility. This palette is not just makeup; it's an invitation to unleash your creativity, to experiment with a spectrum of shades that are as limitless as space itself.

Perfect for the makeup enthusiast ready to make a statement, the Gamma Strength palette promises an otherworldly experience. Dare to embrace the cosmic elegance and unearthly charm it brings to every look. This isn't just a palette—it's a portal to uncharted realms of color and beauty. Embrace your inner celestial diva and let Gamma Strength transform your makeup routine into an epic space odyssey.


***Disclaimer: These are not new shades. It is a combination of our UltraViolet and Gamma Ray palettes. 

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