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Sweet Dream or Beautiful Nightmare Bundle

$168 $189

Step into a world of color with the deluxe "Sweet Dream" and "Beautiful Nightmare" palette bundle. For the artist who takes their inspiration from the full spectrum of dreams, this collection combines the best of both worlds – at an exclusive bundled price of $105. Individually, each palette is a treasure trove of 21 shades priced at $118, but together, they offer a complete narrative of color that dances between the light and the shadow.


The "Sweet Dream" palette is your dawn, a canvas of vibrant pinks and warm yellows that capture the essence of daybreak. Its sister, the "Beautiful Nightmare" palette, is your dusk, with deep blues and purples that conjure the mystique of the twilight hours. Both palettes boast an array of finishes, from matte to glitter, ensuring your creativity need never sleep.


Purchasing these palettes together doesn't just save you money; it invites you to embrace the full circle of beauty's duality – all while crafting looks as vivid as your wildest dreams and as profound as your deepest night thoughts. Let "Sweet Dream" bring forth your daylit fantasies, and "Beautiful Nightmare" your nocturnal musings. Together, they're not just makeup; they're an experience, a dual journey through the realm of color and expression.


*Disclaimer: The palettes in the section are created from previous palettes. There are no new shades in these palettes.

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