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Enchanted Island


Discover the allure of the 'Enchanted Island' eyeshadow palette, where the vibrant spirit of an untouched paradise comes to life. This meticulously curated selection of 21 shades invites you on a journey to a fantastical realm where the golden rays of the sun meet the endless azure of the sea.

From the soft, sandy yellows that echo the sunlit shores to the profound depths of the oceanic blues, each color tells a story. The palette's range includes the shimmering golds of a midday sun, the sparkling turquoises reminiscent of gentle waves, and the deep, mysterious blues of the sea's heart, evoking the island’s mystical charm.

Embrace the island’s enigma with glitter-infused shades that dance on your lids like sunlight on water, matte hues as serene as the still morning sea, and satins that glide on with the whisper of an island breeze. Whether you're creating a look that's as subtle as a dawn-touched wave or as bold as the sun-drenched sky, the 'Enchanted Island' palette is your vessel to beauty beyond imagination.

Surrender to the enchantment—let 'Enchanted Island' transform your makeup routine into an adventure of endless, captivating possibilities.


***Disclaimer: This palette is a combination of RadioWaves and Bioluminescence. There are no new shades.

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