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Pink Sands Mini

Pink Sands Mini

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Introducing the Pink Sands Mini Palette: a condensed symphony of shades that captures the essence of our full 21-color spectacle in a more intimate collection. This 9-shade suite distills the beauty of a coastal dawn, offering a handpicked selection that echoes the tranquil hues and vibrant spirit of its larger counterpart.


In this curated palette, each shade is an invitation to explore a world of subdued elegance and sparkling charm. Delve into "Queens Rose," a regal pink that commands attention, or "Kiss Kiss," a whispering pink with the promise of a natural glow. "Charisma" beckons with its deep and enchanting hue, and "Candied Apple" enchants with a sweet, glistening finish.


Ideal for the traveler or the minimalist, the Pink Sands Mini Palette is your quintessential companion for creating everything from a bold statement to a subtle, sun-kissed look. It’s your canvas for a quick touch-up or a full transformation, wrapped in a compact case that’s as exquisite as the shades within. Let the Pink Sands Mini Palette inspire you to new heights of beauty, where every day is a new adventure in color.


*Disclaimer* this is a combination palette. No new shades are in this palette.

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