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Enchanted Chateau Collection

Enchanted Chateau Collection

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Introducing the Enchanted Chateau Collection – an opulent symphony of beauty and magic that transcends the ordinary. At the heart of this captivating ensemble lies the Enchanting Chateau 21-shade eyeshadow palette, a kaleidoscope of pinks that promises to ignite your imagination. But the magic doesn't stop there; it's merely the beginning of an enchanting journey.

For those who crave a touch of whimsy on the go, our collection boasts a mini 9-pan version of the eyeshadow palette. Petite yet powerful, it captures the essence of the Enchanted Chateau in a compact form, perfect for creating spellbinding looks wherever your adventures take you.

But that's not all – indulge your lips with the allure of the Enchanted Kiss Lip Palette. This exquisite creation features a curated selection of nine shades spanning the spectrum of nudes, pinks, and reds. The cream lipstick formula glides on like satin, leaving a luscious, velvety finish that lasts from dawn until dusk, ensuring your lips are as enchanting as the Chateau itself.

Enhance your radiant glow with the introduction of two new blushes, gracing your cheeks with a satin formula that effortlessly blends into your skin, creating a natural flush of color. The palette includes shades that complement the enchanting pinks, allowing you to sculpt and define your features with an ethereal touch.

Illuminate your visage with the pièce de résistance – the Enchanted Chateau Pink Highlighter. This mesmerizing highlighter is infused with shimmers that reflect every color of the rainbow, delivering an otherworldly glow that transcends the ordinary. Your cheekbones will radiate with an enchanting luminosity, capturing the attention of all who behold your captivating beauty.

And for the finishing touch, our collection introduces two new lip glosses with a revolutionary lip-plumping formula. The glosses, available in shades that perfectly complement the Enchanted Chateau palette, add a touch of dimension and fullness to your lips, leaving them irresistibly kissable.

The Enchanted Chateau Collection is more than a makeup line; it's an invitation to embrace your inner enchantress. Transform your daily beauty routine into a magical ritual with these bewitching products, and let the Enchanted Chateau Collection weave its spell, leaving you feeling like the heroine of your own fairy tale.


********DISCLAIMER: The majority of the shades in the eyeshadow palette are considered "pressed pigments as they contain red lake dyes which the FDA has considered unsafe around the eye area due to the possibility of staining. They are perfectly legal in Europe, which has FAR stricter ingredient guidelines.

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