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Beautiful Nightmare Palette

Beautiful Nightmare Palette

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Enter the realm of the "Beautiful Nightmare" palette – a seductive collection where each of the 21 shades beckons you into the night's embrace. Swirls of midnight blues and deep purples create a cosmic canvas for dreams that walk the line between the ethereal and the enigmatic. "Beautiful Nightmare" is the twilight counterpart to the "Sweet Dream" palette, embodying the mysterious allure of the night with velvety mattes, celestial shimmers, and sparkling glitters. This palette invites you to lose yourself in the beauty of darkness and discover the elegance of the night sky. Whether you choose to create a look that whispers of twilight secrets or one that screams of cosmic adventures, "Beautiful Nightmare" will guide you through the night with shades as enigmatic as the dreams that fuel them. Dare to dream, dare to night – where will "Beautiful Nightmare" take you?

*Disclaimer: The palettes in the section are created from previous palettes. There are no new shades in these palettes.

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