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Enchanted Chateau Deluxe Palette

Enchanted Chateau Deluxe Palette

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Step into the magical realm of Enchanted Chateau, where every hue tells a tale of elegance and allure. Our newest creation, the all-pink toned 21-shade eyeshadow palette, invites you to embark on a journey through a palette of dreams and fantasies.

With ten mesmerizing matte shades, Enchanted Chateau sets the stage for subtlety and sophistication. Immerse yourself in the velvety embrace of delicate pinks, each stroke revealing a world of grace and charm. These matte wonders effortlessly transition from day to night, allowing you to weave your own enchanting narrative.

But the true magic lies in the eleven out-of-this-world shimmer shades that adorn Enchanted Chateau. Like stardust scattered across a rose-tinted sky, these ethereal hues captivate with their celestial brilliance. Illuminate your gaze with shades ranging from soft, angelic glimmers to bold, cosmic sparkles. Each shimmering tone is a portal to a dimension where glamour meets fantasy.

Picture the opulence of a ballroom bathed in rosy hues, where the shimmering reflections dance on your eyelids like enchanting sprites. Enchanted Chateau is not just a palette; it's an invitation to transcend the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary.

With your choice of black or white packaging, Enchanted Chateau is a treasure chest of beauty, waiting for you to unlock its secrets. Unleash your creativity and explore the endless possibilities of this bewitching palette, as you become the curator of your own fairy tale glamour.

Dive into the world of Enchanted Chateau and let your eyes narrate a story of timeless allure, where every gaze is a spellbinding chapter in your enchanting saga.


********DISCLAIMER: The majority of the shades in this palette are considered "pressed pigments as they contain red lake dyes which the FDA has considered unsafe around the eye area due to the possibility of staining. They are perfectly legal in Europe, which has FAR stricter ingredient guidelines.

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