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Gothic Romance Eyeshadow Palette

Gothic Romance Eyeshadow Palette

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Unveil the mystique of "Gothic Romance," an eyeshadow palette that invites you to embrace the allure of the night. Each shade in this curated collection, from Enchanted Chateau and X-Ray, tells a story of enigmatic beauty, inspired by the gothic cathedrals and moonlit rendezvous of timeless tales. From the deepest, sultry mattes to the most sparkling, bewitching shimmers, these shadows are designed to create looks that will enchant and captivate. The velvety textures allow for seamless blending, ensuring that every application is as evocative as a midnight whisper. Whether you seek to express the drama of a gothic novel or the subtle melancholy of a love unspoken, Gothic Romance is your conduit to the most spellbinding version of yourself. Embrace the romance of darkness with this exquisite palette. 

********DISCLAIMER: The majority of the pink shades in this palette are considered "pressed pigments as they contain red lake dyes which the FDA has considered unsafe around the eye area due to the possibility of staining. They are perfectly legal in Europe, which has FAR stricter ingredient guidelines.

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