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Pink Sands

Pink Sands

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Step into a world where elegance meets versatility with the Pink Sands Eyeshadow Palette. Inspired by the sublime hues of a coastal sunset, this palette features 21 resplendent shades that encapsulate the essence of pink and its natural complements. Envision soft, sandy beaches and delicate pink horizons as you dip into a spectrum of neutrals poised to enhance every skin tone.


The Pink Sands palette is an odyssey of color, from the lightest, ethereal creams to the richest, earth-toned browns. Experience the allure of "Queens Rose," a rosy hue fit for royalty, or the understated charm of "Brunette," a deep, chocolatey whisper. "Fairy Blood" offers a fantastical sparkle, while "Decoy," a subtle nude, can become your everyday armor. Each shade is a new possibility—a new creation.


Meticulously crafted, the buttery mattes blend seamlessly, while the lustrous shimmers catch light at every turn, offering unparalleled dimension. Whether you're gracing a grand event or crafting a look for a tranquil beach getaway, Pink Sands is your passport to effortlessly chic looks. This is not just makeup; it's an invitation to paint your story with every stroke. Embrace the art of your own beauty as Pink Sands transforms the canvas of your eyelids into a masterpiece.

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