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Sweet Dream Palette

Sweet Dream Palette

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Introducing the "Sweet Dream" palette – where each shade invites you to explore the whimsical depths of your makeup artistry. Featuring a luxurious collection of 21 shades, this palette is a confectionery of sparkling pinks and radiant yellows, designed to inspire looks that range from sunrise innocence to sunset glam. Will it be a "Sweet Dream" or a "Beautiful Nightmare"? You decide. Craft narratives on your canvas with the buttery mattes, lustrous shimmers, and glistening glitters. For the daring, its sister palette, "Beautiful Nightmare," unfolds a tale of mystique with deep blues and purples. Dive into "Sweet Dream" for daybreak fantasies and transition to the twilight allure of "Beautiful Nightmare" – your beauty story is a page away from becoming a fairy tale or a fable of the night.

*Disclaimer: The palettes in the section are created from previous palettes. There are no new shades in these palettes.

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